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1.  Do you sew your own costumes?
No, I am a costume DESIGNER, not a seamstress. I wish I *COULD* sew! I have tried and even taken lessons but it is something that does not work well for me or for those within striking distance of me. ;0) I also pick up pre-made pieces on eBay from time to time. I LIVE on eBay and that is where I get most everything in my life! I would have bought my daughter on eBay with the "Buy It Now" option if I could have.

2.  Where do you get your custom costumes made?
The talented Karin McKechnie! 
Email her at: mcczarina@aol.com

3.  Can you tell me where you got your *insert costume piece of your choice*?
I have most of my costumes custom made to my designs and specifications, in the hopes of wearing one-of-a-kind pieces for at least a little while until someone makes a reproduction. I'm an artist and my designs are personal and my own self-expression. 

4.  How do you get your hair THAT red?
As a pyratess, I have found that dying my hair with the blood of those who oppose me creates an AWESOME shade of red! Actually, it's quite difficult to get it like this and keep it this way because so few dare to oppose me!  (Actually, I use "Special Effects" hair dye.)  ;0)

5.  What kind of makeup do you use?
I just mostly use MAC cosmetics mixed with some drug store favorites. I also love a line called "Besame". They are wonderful for vintage looks!

6.  What the heck do you use on your eyebrows that could possibly match that hair of yours?
MAC strikes again, babies! A steady hand and some MAC PAINTS in "Flamable", which is now discontinued. Takes practice, as it's not a pencil but just lay off the grog until you're done with your makeup and you should be fine!

7. Are you a REAL redhead?
I get this question A LOT. My grandmother was Scottish and had fire red hair naturally so I got most of her red in my own hair. OBVIOUSLY, this bright red I have now is not natural (I seriously get this question!) My real hair color is auburn with tons of red in it. Now y'all can sleep now that you know that, right???

8. Where/when can I meet you?
Check out my "Pirate Events" page to see what events I plan on attending this year!  Please feel free to come up and introduce yourself, I LOVE meeting new people and taking photos!

9.  Why haven't you responded to my message or email that I sent you?
Please don't get mad at me. I don't want to sound like I'm all that, but I do get a lot of messages & emails everyday and I like to read each one and put thought into my responses, when time allows. This may take awhile, so please be patient with me.  Depending on my schedule, I may not be able to get back to you, so if it's important send a second email. I *LOVE* reading all my emails & messages, but it's the responses that take a lot of time. Besides keeping this site updated, I also have a FaceBook page that is a very busy page.  I LOVE & appreciate everything you send me! Thank you all SO MUCH! Much love to you and yer crew! XOXOX   

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